Before Contacting Us ...

Please read through the website.  Try to find the answer to your questions on the various pages.  

Check the section in the navigation menu titled "Kittens" and FAQ.  These pages will be updated as the events happen. 


Usually, there are never any kittens available "NOW".  Most purebred cat breeders have a waitlist that is between six months to two years long.  It is average to wait about one year for each desired kitten unless you request siblings. 


We have received many calls, emails, and texts with questions that are already answered on the website.  Our website is far from perfect, but we have invested a lot of time to add all of this info for you to make an informed decision.  Initially, we tried to return all calls but that resulted in several 20-minute phone consultations often repeating the same information that is already on the website. 

In the interest of respecting all of our time, we request you to try the above efforts before contacting us. 

Please do not contact us just out of curiosity.  Replies take time and will be reserved for serious inquires only. 

If the website doesn't answer your question, please feel free to email us at, if you think the answer will require a paragraphed response.  


If your question is quick feel free to text us at (408) 337- 6339.  If we know the answer will be lengthy or you'll need more context and details, we will reply to your text requesting your email address. 

If you would like to schedule a phone consultation to further discuss your specific questions, please email your request and pay the $20 fee for a 15-20 min appointment time.  

You will then be contacted to schedule the call appointment.

If you would like to schedule a 15-20 min live video chat such as a Zoom meeting to see the cats and ask your specific questions, please email your request to us and pay the $35 fee

You will then be contacted to schedule the live video meeting. 

In-person meetings to pet one or more live Siberian cats can be arranged by appointment only. Please pay the $50 fee and email your request for a 30 min appointment.  There may be additional fees if we come to you depending on distance and other details.   

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The information provided on this site is not medical advice and does not constitute or replace the medical advice of your medical provider.  Magic Siberians recommend all clients first discuss cat ownership with their personal medical provider prior to performing any allergy testing, visiting, petting, or owning a Siberian cat.

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